Political Godfatherism and underdevelopment in the Nigerian Society


Abstract This article examined the menace of political godfatherism, one of the major internal factors hindering the advancement of the democratization process and development of Nigeria in order to validate Rostow thesis. The study employed the descriptive approach andtherefore collected its data from secondary sources. Moreover, the study examined the two opposing models on the subject of development and also discussed the problem of godfatherism and its implications on the democratization process and developmentof Nigeria. The paper suggests love, patriotism, hard work, sacrifice, commitment, condemnation of evil and celebration of good, not only for the elite class, but also for the entire citizenry. These could be used to stop the escalation of political godfatherism in order to enthrone true the democracy that is needed for national unity and development. In actualizing this, this paper concluded that the elite class needs to be saturated or dyed with positive attributes, which hinge on national unity and consciousness, development-oriented mentality, public-spirit and patriotism. These are essential to galvanize the available resources and generate the necessary sentiments for the progress and well-being of Nigerians.


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