STATISTICS PROJECT TOPICS AND MATERIALS PDF FREE DOWNLOAD have listed statistics project topics in these areas: Basic Mathematics. Pure Mathematics : Algebra, Calculus and Analysis, Geometry and Topology, Combinatorics, Logic, Number Theory. Applied Mathematics : Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics, Computing, Information Theory and Signal Processing, Probability and Statistics, Game Theory, Operations Research Methodology, Mathematical Statements, General Concepts, Mathematical Objects, Equations named after people. Statistics: Statistical Inference, Mathematical statistics : Likelihood Function, Exponential Family, Bayesian Inference , Bayes’ theorem : Bayes Estimator, Prior Distribution, Posterior Distribution, Conjugate Prior, Frequentist Inference : Statistical Hypothesis Testing ,Null Hypothesis, Alternative Hypothesis, P-value, Significance Level, Statistical Power, Likelihood-Ratio Test, Confidence Interval, Decision theory : Optimal Decision, Type I and Type II Errors, Estimation Theory , Estimator, Bayes Estimator, Maximum Likelihood, Trimmed Estimator, M-estimator; Non-parametric Statistics : Nonparametric Regression, Kernels, Probability Distributions: Probability Distribution, Conditional Probability Distribution, Probability Density Function, Cumulative Distribution Function, Characteristic Function, Random Variables : Random Variable, Central Moment, L-Moment, Algebra of Random Variables Probability Theory : Probability, Conditional Probability Law of Large Numbers, Central Limit Theorem Computation : Computational Statistics, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Combinatorics, Monte Carlo Method, Simulation. IJMSS is published in both online and printed versions

Statistics Project Topics and Research Materials

NumberProject Topic
1.Index Number Analysis On The Price Of Petroleum On The Price Of Food Items
2.Comparison Between Lee Carter Model And CBD Model In Forecasting Higher Age Mortality
3.Comparative Analysis Of Annual Numbers Of Patients Admitted And Discharged Patients
4.Dynamical Model For The Spread Of Rumors
5.A Statistical Analysis Of Reported Cases Of Sexually Transmitted Disease In The Fmc
6.Mathematical Modeling And Analysis Of COVID-19 Pandemic In Nigeria
7.The Effects Of Covid-19 Outbreak On The Nigerian Stock Exchange Performance: Evidence From Garch
8.A Statistical Analysis Of Psychosocial Dysfunction On Students’ Academic Performance
9.Application Of Multiple Regression Analysis On Medical Data
10.Ethnographical Explanation Of Countries Infected With Corona Virus In Africa And Their Percentage
11.Investigating The Cases Of Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Using Dynamic Statistical Techniques
12.Effect Of Exchange Rate Volatility On Trade In Sub-Saharan Africa
13.Mathematical Modeling Of Predator-Prey Models: Lotka-Volterra Systems
14.Lotka-Volterra Predator-Pey Equations Model
15.A Panel Data Approach To Exchange Volatility Models Of West Africa
16.Modeling And Forecasting Of Electricity Consumption Using Arma And Exponential Smoothing
17.Modelling Mean Surface Temperature Of Nigeria Using Geostatistical Approach
18.A Study Of Nigerian Balance Of Trade: Co-Integrated Var Model Approach
19.Analysis Of Single And Multi-Teller Models Or Using Simulation For Reducing Waiting Time
20.Time Series Analysis On Monthly Consumption Of Water Supply
21.Robust Detection Of Multiple Outliers In A Multivariate Data Set
22.Statistical Analysis Of Road Accidents In Nigeria (Federal Road Safety Corps Onitsha, Anambra State 2002-2015).
23.A Multivariate Analysis On The Response Of Crops Tofertilizer And Soil Types. (A Case Study Of The Federal University Of Agriculture Umudike, Abia State)
24.A Statistical Study On The Effects Of Agricultural Loan On Farming Activities In Nigeria – A Case Study Of Ohaofia Local Government Area Of Abia State
25.The Statistical Analysis Of The Expenditures And Income Of Nigerians In Relation To Poverty. (A Case Study Of Nsit-Ibom Lga Akwa-Ibom State)
26.A Quality Control Analysis Of Cements In Dangote Cement Plc (A Case Study Of Ibese Cement Plant Lagos)
27.Statistical Analysis Of Psychosocial Dyfunction On Students’ Academic Performance..Case Study:Ekiti State University,Ado Ekiti
28.A Design And Analysis Of Experiments On The Methods Of Estimating Variance Components In Farm Animals
29.A Statistical Relationship Between Students’ Course Of Study And Their Attitude Towards Educational Development In Nigeria (A Case Study Ofinal Year Students Of The University Ofibadan).
30.A Statistical Analysis On The Effect Of Npk Fertilizer On Crop Growth (A Case Study Of Michael Opara University Of Agriculture, Umuahia, Abia State)
31.A Regression Analysis On The Impact Of Smoking, Level Of Exercise, Weight On Medical Cost. (A Case Study Of Federal Medical Center Owerri)
32.A Time Series Analysis Of Customer Attendance (A Case Study Of Shoprite Malls Enugu)
33.A Statistical Analysis On The Impact Of Birth And Death Rates On Nigeria’s Economy. (A Case Study Of Osun State)
34.A Regression Analysis On The Impact Of Per Capital Income On The Health Care Cost (A Case Study Of University Of Uyo Teaching Hospital)
35.Statistical Study Of The Effects On The Percentage Of Active Components In Multi Active Detergents (A Case Study Of Omo Products Uni Lever Plc.)
36.Performance Evaluation Of Nnpc (1999-2013) Using Regression Analysis Techniques
37.Index Number Analysis On The Price Of Petroleum On The Price Of Food Items (1999-2013)
38.Econometrics Analysis On The Monthly Income Generated From Sales Of Legend Guilder, And Maltina Drinks In Nigeria Between 2005 – 2009
39.Sample Survey On The Use Of Contraceptive
40.Statistical Analysis Of The Effect Of Training And Development Of Manpower In An Organization For Efficient Performance