Impact of job satisfaction on the employees performance

The topic of this project report on the Impact of Job Satisfaction on employee performance in Government Owned Enterprises (GOE’s). There was a time when it was considered sound economic policy for government to establish and invest in corporation and enterprises. It was then agreed that government owned enterprises were better for stimulating and accelerating natural economic development rather than private initiative. This research therefore aimed at investigating, identifying, analysis and presenting research findings on the Impact of Job Satisfaction on employee performance. To achieve the above aims, research hypothesis were formulated to that whether promotion has no impact on job satisfaction, there is no relationship between salary and job satisfaction and conducive environment does not contribute to job satisfaction in government owned enterprises. The researcher made use of research questionnaire, which were designed and distributed to staff of these government owned enterprises. The method of analysis is the use of tables, percentage and chi-square. The major finding of the research is that promotion has a significant relationship with job satisfaction, there is relationship between salary and job satisfaction and conductive environment contribute to job satisfaction among employee in government owned enterprises. In view of the above findings the study recommended that:


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