How To Recover Your Money From COTP


If you lost money in a COTPS Ponzi scheme, you should talk to a lawyer whose job it is to help people get their money back.

COTPS Ponzi schemes are immensely complex investment fraud case because they only use digital wallet (USSDT).

A Ponzi scheme often involves:

  • A complicated set of facts;
  • Multiple state and federal securities regulators;
  • Law enforcement agencies and criminal prosecutors;
  • A significant number of victimized investors; and
  • Several defendants who may potentially be held legally liable.

To make matters even more challenging, the COTP Ponzi schemer may claim that all of the investor money is already gone.

Investors must remain vigilant to recover compensation; as such, if you have been affected by a COTP Ponzi scheme, don’t hesitate to contact an aggressive lawyer immediately.


COTP is a fraud because they dont have legitimate and verified means of trade. The 2hours trading is just a coding/scripted files to make it real.

COTPS is not having a known SMS issues what so ever, all they tell you is a pure lies. Consider this report to find out ; Review of COTPs SMS Verification Code Issues For Withdrawal.

Meanwhile a  special report from has revealed that  COTP Real Owner Is Dead

COTP is a fake in every way. If you use the Wayback Machine, you can see that the original meaning of COTPS was “Cooley’s Olde Tyme Piano Shoppe,” which is why COTPS.COM was created. Because the man was late, his website was sold. Last year, an unknown group of cyber gangs bought it and worked on it, but it didn’t work right until this year.




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