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Waste Water Characterization in Nigerian Communities Using Ms Solver

Waste Water Characterization in Nigerian Communities Using Ms Solver


This research was based on the characterization of wastewater of Alfred Akawe Torkula Hostel, University of Agriculture, Makurdi. Composite samples of the wastewater were analyzed for the physical, chemical and biological characteristics. Total hardness and Total dissolved Solids were found to be appreciably significant at the regression coefficients of 0.9622 and 0.8376 respectively. For a student population of 474, 256.5m3/day flow rate was determined at an area loading of 500kgBOD5/ha/day. A series arrangement of one facultative pond ( with an area of 1593m2, dimensions of 67.95m by 22.65m and a retention time of 9 days) and two maturation ponds (with an area of874.07m2 dimension of 51.21m by 17.07m and a retention time of 7days each was designed for treatment plant based on preliminary investigation. The effluent quality at the two maturation ponds at the end of the waste water stabilization pond system is 22.5mg / l BODs and 73FC /100ml which meet the standard for domestic and irrigation water needs for the College of Engineering and its environs.


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