How to Write a Conclusion for your Final Year Project


In order to successfully complete a project for your senior year, you will need to organize your material into clearly delineated sections that adhere to specific formal and content requirements. In the majority of pieces of writing, there is an introduction, which is then followed by the section on the method, the results, the discussion, and ultimately the conclusion. The conclusion is one of the sections with which college students struggle the most.

The adage “last, but not least” is followed here by these sections. The conclusion is where the finishing touches are put on the work, where it is brought to a close in a manner that elicits some kind of reaction from the reader. For this reason, we are going to address more clearly how a good conclusion should be written in this article, highlighting what the last section of the majority of university papers consists of and explaining what should be in them. In addition, we will provide some examples of good and bad conclusions.


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