Student Unionism and University Administration in Nigeria


Student Unionism and University Administration in Nigeria


The university environment in which the student exists is saddled with many problems. However, various attempts to cope, with these problem had often left some needs of the studens unprotected. This has a considerable influence on the outlook of students. Student unionism becomes a kind of response on the part of the student to protect the interest of their members. Thus, it becomes a forum where students could organize themselves and deliberate on matters of common intcrcst. Student union provided a medium for students to articulate their needs and problems towards achieving a common goal. The student position in the l university administration should not be over- emphasized. The recognition of the students’ dignity and interests should be a matter of concern to the university administration. However, the inability of the university authority to address themselves  sometimes to the problems of students due to financial constraint and other reasons, and also the radical manner in which  some student leaders often attempt to advance the interests of the students had in recent past led to some disturbances. In view of these of these situations


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